Wedding Video

A wedding video gives you the sights and sound of your wedding day.  A video recording the sights, sounds and family and friends interacting is a treasured addition to wedding photographs.  We offer a combined wedding photography and wedding video package at an affordable cost.

We use Lumix cameras to record in 4k which means that the quality of the images is superb.  Our standard digital download is 1080p.  4k download files is available at extra cost.

Wedding video - Vows
4k image grab from a 4k Wedding video - The image quality of the still is excellent. We use special cameras to capture excellent images in low light.





Wedding Video Packages

We offer two wedding video packages:

 Mini Monty video - £499

  • Video of the ceremony, arrival and guests in church
    • Planning, design and management
    • Video capture
    • Video processing
    • Video production

Full Monty High Definition Video - £999

  • Planning and management
  • Bride preparation, bride arrival, ceremony, reception including speeches, cake cutting, first dance.
  • Venue, decorations, wedding and guest tables will be filmed as will guests over the course of the day.
  • Video of ceremony and reception capturing speeches, cake cutting and first dance.
  • Standard definition DVD and downloadable HD file for computer and mobile devices.
    • 4k video capture
    • HD video processing
    • HD video production
    • HD video download facility
    • SD DVD

Full Monty 4k Video - £1,200

Coverage is the same as the HD package but differs in the following ways:

  • 4k video capture
  • 4k video processing
  • 4k video production
  • 4k video download
  • Standard definition DVD

Full Monty Photography and Video

This is where video and photographs are taken by specialists in our team, under direction of an experienced individual. This package is photography centric where an end to end record of the occasion is captured as traditional images, albeit the style is moderated to meet the expectation of the couple. Video cameras with audio facilities are focused on capturing the wedding ceremony to capture vows, the sermon, signing the registry and prayers.  Reception photography and filming is more informal and captures speeches, cutting the cake, the first dance and partying.  Typically, you get a 45-minute video, filmed in 4k, and presented as a standard definition DVD, and as a digital download.

  • Full Monty Photography and HD Video - £1,400
  • Full Monty Photography and 4k Wedding Video - £1,600


Tailored to your needs

We are happy to discuss individual requirements. we are not limited to working in Milton Keynes.

Our wedding video services provide excellent value for money and are affordable.

Our clients value our transparency and straight forward approach.

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