We build websites for businesses and non-profit making ventures. The methodology we use enables us to develop, deliver and support websites to cost, quality and time.

Four stages of website development

  • Define the opportunity and outline solution
  • Content creation
  • Build the solution
  • Manage the solution

Define the opportunity and outline the solution

The first stage is perhaps the most important and easily overlooked. Define is an opportunity to workshop with leaders and team members to scan the environment in which you operate. This is to understand the way that your website and social media is used and how it can be improved. This involves an open discussion on who your customers are and how your businesses address opportunities.

This features a conversation about the style and content of the messages and materials to be published so that a comparison is made to identify the gap between what is currently achieved against what is to be achieved. We look at how that gap will be closed through content and website structure and "look".

Website and social media are increasingly key to a modern, and frankly expected, communications approach. The structure and layout of the website, the communications strategy and how it is executed, managed and funded is very important to get right, or at least to be able to evolve.

Comparison with peer websites and how other organisations that use successful strategies and approaches is time well spent.

Content creation

Content creation is the realisation of the definition stage by capturing photographs and video clips for use on your newly updated website and social media.  These images are collated and used together with copy to make real the culture, strengths and stance of your business, services and products.  Video is an effect media because it creates movement and sound, it conveys emotion and messages quickly and effectively.  Video and targeted messaging creates interest that will lead to people responding via your contact page, ordering and coming to your premises.  Over time you will create a story and image database that you can use time and again without having to use generic, stale or inappropriate material.  Include call to action in all your interactions on the web.

Build the solution

Your website is built quickly and efficiently.  We use an agile development approach featuring WordPress. WordPress Themes are professionally designed to embody best practice website design. They are inexpensive and supported over time. They enable customisation of the structure, design and format of the website to give flexibility.

Our website was built quickly and inexpensively using WordPress.  We use this platform to give you the same benefits i.e.  a professional website at much reduced cost.

We deploy a proven project management approach using Prince2 to manage risk and to deliver to time, quality and cost.  Our developments are iterative:

  • Iteration 1 – Website structure and image placement & population
  • Iteration 2 – Add copy and develop narrative and interconnectivity/links
  • Iteration 3 – Draft website to be tested, refined and finalised
  • Iteration 4 – Into service, including training and bug fixing

This gives you opportunities to influence outcomes, saving time and money to get the result you need.

Manage the service

This involves tuning and updating your website and supporting social media.  This includes new and timely content to refresh your database of photographs, video and narrative.

Project Management

Project management is provided for our deployments and for 3rd parties.  Independent project management is a valuable asset because it offers impartial advice and insight.   We use Prince 2 principles so that our clients can be confident in process and approach.  Our experience is from large and complex deployments for government agencies where agility, quality control, configuration and cost management was essential.  

Diagram showing Prince2 processes, themes and principles, essential for website services
Prince2 processes, themes and principles


The cost of a project varies from customer to customer and we will provide a tailored quote where required.

Our approach is modular and tailored to your budget, capability and requirement:

  • Scenario 1 - We help you define the style and content, and the communications plan. You design, build and implement the site and the social media operation.
  • Scenario 2 - We design and build your website.  We help define the content. You create the collateral using internal resource.
  • Scenario 3 - We project manage the initiative through the life cycle via 3rd parties and/or through internal resource.
  • Scenario 4 - We define, create content, build and manage the end-to-end task.

These scenarios give you the choice on when to engage us and to plan your investment and schedule.


  • We deliver a complete website project that is done quickly with minimum risk.
  • Our modular approach is flexible and aids budgeting.
  • We use best in class templates and tools. 
  • Content is created specifically to your needs and circumstances.
  • We provide ongoing creative and technical support. 
  • You keep your website and content current and relevant.

Let us take away the pain and complexity so you benefit from our experience and insight.   We would be pleased to quote for any of the scenarios outlined.

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