St Andrews fly over and photoshoot

St Andrews, Scotland.

St Andrews is a fabulous town to visit. The home of golf and the oldest University in Scotland, the town is a jewel on the East Coast of Scotland.  The town boasts the name of Scotland’s patron saint. The impressive ruins of the Cathedral dominates the north of the town and once hosted relics of the Saint.  This post gives an eagle’s eye view of the north and south of the town showing the beach where Chariots Of Fire was filmed, the golf links, the 18th tee, the Cathedral and harbour to the north.  These are supplemented by photographs taken on the ground to give a more complete picture of the town. Fortunately the weather was really good which gave reasonable light for the drone flight and for photography on the ground.  Information about St Andrews is here.

Fly over

 Town centre

The golf links lie to the south of the town. The 18th tee is only a stone’s throw from hotels and bars.  Dominating the town is the university with St Salvator’s Chapel and quadrangle with the Cathedral ruins at the end of the main thoroughfares. Easy for pilgrims to find.



The harbour is a thriving port, with small fishing boats regularly coming and going. The catch is crab and lobster, caught for expensive restaurant across the globe. Creels are everywhere, neatly cleaned and stacked for the next trip.

St Andrews


Coming home

This small vessel is coming into port before sundown so all is safe and well. With the tide so low, the skipper comes close to the jetty wall. A lone seagull hopes for some scrapes of food.

St Andrews

Harbour – Black and white

An atmospheric image of the harbour jetty.  The two people walking along the top of the harbour wall completes this photograph.

St Andrews

Other side of the jetty

Heron feeding in the rocks on the other side of the jetty wall.

 University quadrangle

Two different views of St Salvator tower, each making different use of light and shadow.


The Cathedral ruins are truly on a large scale and grand scale. When complete, they must have been an inspiring site for medieval pilgrims. Located on the North Sea, the Cathedral was well placed for travelling south to the Monasteries in England and the sites.

Sandstone wall and home bathed in winter sunlight

St Andrews


St Andrews

Contrasting buildings

These two buildings are part of the jetty complex, largely holiday flats. There are however working areas in the complex where fishermen still ply their trade. The last of the day’s sunlight against these two very different buildings plays with shadow and contrast.

Shooting information

These video and Ariel photographs were captured using the DJI Phantom 4 pro drone.  On the ground photographs were taken using the Lumix G9 in combination with a number of lenses.  More information about these are here.

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