Search for food

Search for food

Cold and ice

Caldecotte Lake is deep under winters spell. The water is near freezing and chunks of ice have formed on the reeds.  These conditions make the search for food for small birds and animals more difficult than normal because of snow cover and hard ground.

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Photographs and commentary

Search for food
Search for food

Search for food

With the cold temperatures and snow it is important to feed the wild birds. Whilst out this afternoon, it was humbling to see dozens of small birds trying to find food under the snow. They turn over twigs and leaves and burrow into the snow to get at grubs and worms. The energy they invest is extraordinary. I could tell that food was hard to come by because I observed their behaviour for several minutes.  The photographs shows this feeding behaviour.  The take away is to feed the birds when the ground is icy and hard.

feed the birds


Search for food

Not so bad for bigger birds

A heron was busy in his quest for something to eat. He is so much larger with more mass than the small birds I photographed. I am confident that he will survive the cold snap and will not be too put out in his search for food.

Home from home

Ideal condition for these geese!

Ice sculptures

Despite the biting wind it was a pleasure to see the ice formations gripping onto the trees and reed beds. The ice made wonderful sculptures whose time is limited to a change in temperature of only a degree or so.

Feed the birds

I have just got home to my centrally heated house and am reminded to put out some food for the small birds and mammals that will be having a hard time during this cold spell. This link to the RSPB gives information on what and when to feed birds.

Technical information

Photographs taken using Lumix G9 and Leica 100-400mm lens.

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