Professional Equipment

Having professional equipment is essential to ensure consistent results and to reliably deliver excellence and affordable photography and video.  We invest in industry-leading technology for photography and video capture, and for post-processing.


Red Arrows shot with Canon 1DS and 100mm to 400mm lens


We use two camera systems, Nikon and Lumix.  Both are professional systems with dual recording discs in each camera.   We have backup cameras that are immediately available in the event of equipment failure.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone

For outstanding arial photographs and video. This brings unique perspective, impact and drama.  Drone photographs and video are great creating content for websites and social media.

Studio facilities

We rent suitable facilities that include a welcoming reception area, refreshments and space to relax and prepare for the shoot.


We have two systems for crafting light.
  • Profoto portable studio flash
  • Nissin for dynamic and quickly changing shooting

Light modifiers

We use Manfrotto light modifiers. They are partnered with the Profoto studio flash.
We have video lights for interviews.

We use Sennheiser wireless microphones, transmitters and receivers.

Post processing

The software we use once images are captured is industry standard. They include Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for our still images.  We use Final Cut Pro for video.

Data resilience

Our data storage and backup features redundant RAID systems.