A pre-wedding or engagement shoot is a unique opportunity that you should not miss.   It captures specially commissioned and fabulous photographs that you will treasure.

"And to photograph this historic chapter of your life, to have this time forever preserved so it’s there to be seen whenever you wish to pull back the curtain of time and revisit this time in your life and feel the emotions again...Priceless."  

This quote is from this article by G.E. Masana.  It is an interesting and thought provoking read.  He explores reasons for having a professional photographer capture this very special time and recording it with beautiful photographs.   He includes lovely photographs to give you ideas.  It is our experience that clients want to record the emotion and delight they share at this time.  This is an opportunity for you to "Be" and to capture this time in beautiful photographs.

A pre-wedding shoot is an opportunity for you to get to know us, to develop ideas for your wedding, to test colours and location.

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Create memories. Create Images.

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