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Photographs and videos to be organised and manage

I have over 200,00 photographs and videos to be organised and managed. Lightroom is fantastic because it organises these images. I can quickly retrieve individual and groups of photographs.  But what about storytelling for events and occasions that need multiple images, styles and music running together to make a cohesive whole?

My approach is to make slide shows that I store on my server and show on TV and on social media on my tablet, computer or telephone.  I do not have any paper photograph albums at all. I digitalised them five years ago.


Video slide shows cover life events, births, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, landscapes and photoshoots.  They typically run for around 3 minutes.

Fun Fair

The video below is the summer fun fair at Willen Lake, Milton Keynes.  The photographs were taken by the Lumix GH5 using Lee neutral density filters for long exposures.

Year folders

My slideshow file structure is below. This covers 35 years of taking photographs and video.

Photographs and videos to be organised and managed
Photographs and videos to be organised and managed

Video shows per year

A typical year is broken down into individual video files as shown below. 2017 has provided over 60 video shows. This does not include business or all of my personal shoots.

photographs and videos to be organised and managed
photographs and videos to be organised and managed

HD render

I render the majority of these videos as HD rather than 4k.  Downsizing 4k to 1080p is, in my experience,  better than native 1080p.  File sizes are manageable for wifi.  Files are played through a Western Digital box onto my TV and streamed to mobile devices when out and about.


This workflow enables viewing of many photographs at one time.  I use ProShow Producer to make the slideshows.   Proshow templates make it easy to match styles, content and music.  I do not miss physical albums. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this model is availability and simplicity of use.  My images are on demand and enjoyed many times over because they are available, easy to access, and dynamic.


Three downsides – time, storage, workflow.  Mitigation is keep it simple and prioritise.

Try it yourself

Making a slideshow is straightforward.  You do not need expensive equipment or software.Look on the www for free software. Your PC or mac will have much of what you need.  Prioritise. Make a video for your most important occasions first and share them with family and friends.

Authentic Living Photography

We use some of this workflow to produce client slideshows for events such as weddings and commercial photoshoots.

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