We help people tell their life story in a way that captures their family history, experiences, loves, lessons and insights.  This is what made that person the individual that he/she is.  This also influenced and helped mould you to be the person you are.  Getting a first hand account of your family history and the life story of a family member is an invaluable gift and is a unique heirloom.

This information, history and narrative is gathered through research and conversations. Conversations are recorded and transcribed.  Old and treasured photographs are scanned and matched chronologically with recollections and narrative.  Photographs of personal items are made.  Their meaning and history are explored. This information comes together to build a life story told in a hard back book, DVD presentation and digital download. You get the recordings, scans, new portrait photographs and transcripts.   You have a living record that you can hear, see and touch.  Our goal is to help you preserve precious memories because they are easily lost. Make sure that the life story of the person you love is not lost. Celebrate with a family occasion where we video the event or capture photographs.

Tailored approach

We work with you to plan these conversations and to gather information.  Time spent doing this varies. Typically, we find that a LifeStorybook and LifeStory presentation requires as little as two 1 hour interviews and a collection of c50 photographs.  We use a structured approach,  shared before each conversation. This gives time to think, reflect and gather thoughts.. It saves time and focusses attention.

That made me who I am

You get

LifeStory book, DVD,  LifeStory Presentation, DVD and digital downloads, photographic portraits, transcripts and recordings.  

Life story

Bespoke pricing

As each LifeStory is different, we do not quote standard prices. We do however craft the engagement to a budget and scope.

Family gatherings

We plan and deliver family sharing events where we facilitate sharing of memories and stories.  This includes half day preparation, conversation with key family members before the gathering and professionally taken family photographs on the day. From £350.

Why us

  • Memories and people are precious. They need to be captured and shared.
  • We save you time and frustration - you get a more complete and professional product than DIY
  • You may not live near the person whose story you want to capture.  We spend the time so you do not have to.
  • We have relevant skills, collateral and tools. 
  • We are empathetic, friendly and professional.
  • You get a tailored service aligned to your budget and the story to be told.

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