Hybrid photography

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As a photographer for over 40 years, I have long sought to reduce the weight and amount of equipment I take out with me on assignments, especially where video and still images are required.   The hassle involved in carrying heavy and cumbersome gear was considerable. When Panasonic introduced the GH1 hybrid video and still mirrorless camera in 2009 I was instantly hooked. I had to have one.  My aim was to replace my separate video and still cameras so that I could run and gun and be as inconspicuous as possible.  I was not disappointed.  The equipment has now matured to a professional level that challenges and can replace traditional video cameras and SLR’s in many situations.

Hybrid video and photography

I now have the ability to capture 4k video, at broadcast quality, and easily switch between video and still modes using one camera.  This gives me the ability to capture the moment using a single camera and a couple of light and small lenses. When I miss a still photograph due to filming, I can use a frame from the 4k video to produce a high resolution still image.  This was impossible only a couple of years ago for mainstream photographers and filmmakers.

The flexibility that this hybrid system creates is incredible. For example, I attended the Licensing of Hannah as a Lay Minister at Christ Church, Oxford early this month.  I took my Lumix GH5 with me to capture a few images. To say that the church of England knows how to put on a show is an understatement! The colours, the ceremony, the people, music and the setting where fabulous. I had to take some video and photographs as a memento!

Storytelling made simple

The video clip below is a summary of the day.  It contains photographs and video that were taken by one camera and a couple of lightweight professional zoom lenses.   The ability to create material using this equipment to tell a visual story is fabulous.

A still image from video

The photograph below is a screen capture from the 4k video.  Previous to the Lumix GH5, and its immediate predecessors,  I would have had to use two cameras and carry the weight and manage the complexity of multiple systems.  As a result, I would probably have missed the shot.

Full Licensing man.jpeg
Photograph from 4k video

Flexibility and reliability

The flexibility and reliability that these tools bring is liberating.  I use this equipment for nearly all my assignments that include private and business clients.   My speciality is to produce content for social media and websites.  I need to be able to move quickly and have the flexibility to shoot video, take still images and capture quality sound.  This hybrid approach is absolutely appropriate for wedding and events where emotions, colours, sounds and movements all need to be captured quickly and with minimum fuss.


Having a professional, hybrid video and still photograph imaging system gives storytellers and photographers the confidence to take on a diverse range of assignments.  It gives clients confidence that they will get what they want.  Having a system that results in win-win situations for everybody is what we are about.


The photographic industry is changing. Mobile devices are leading the way to democratise image making and storytelling using social media and instant communications. Established manufactures of cameras like Canon and Nikon are being challenged to innovate by companies like Panasonic, Sony and Fuji to make lightweight hybrid systems as described above. The race is on to make this technology available to as wide a user base as possible, if not then mobile telephones equipped with 4k video and high-quality photography modes will ultimately conquer.

Value creation

Perhaps the biggest challenge is to embrace this change and to lead the way in how this technology is used to create value by producing material faster, with less fuss & equipment, with fewer people, at a much-reduced cost. That is why we at Authentic Living Photography have fully embraced this technology and philosophy.

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