Bedfordshire County Grades, 2018

Event photography - Action, energy and medals! 

This short video shows our event photography by showcasing images captured last Sunday during a Bedfordshire County Grades Competition at Salto Gymnastic Club. Over 50 girls from three gymnastic clubs competed for medals and rankings. The programme was packed with different rotations and levels of achievements. What was common was a determination of the athletes, coaches and judges to make the day a success and to support the young people. Our challenge was to photograph the event and show the determination and strength of the athletes, whose ages range from six to fourteen. 

Our challenge

The Salto Gym is a well equipped facility. Despite being lit by fluorescent lights, the light level was however challenging for action photography.  The equipment used was critical and well up to the task.  The main cameras were the Nikon D850 and D750. This choice of equipment was made for their low light and fast action performance. The lenses were 24mm to 75mm and 75mm to 200mm zooms. This range was ideal for short and long shot.  Shooting averaged 6,400 ISO and shutter speeds were from 1/640 to 1/1200 of a second.  The Lumix G9, with the equivalent lenses to the Nikons, were used. I wanted to test the Lumix in this environment to see how it performed in low light. I am pleased to say that it managed to focus very well, often seeming to surpass the Nikons for speed and accuracy.  The noise from the Lumix G9 was slightly higher than the Nikons but the DXO RAW converter managed to reduce the noise to an acceptable level. 

Event Photography - Milton Keynes

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