Event photographer

"In looking at your shots on the website, its’s those ‘moments’ that you have captured so well, that bring life and interest to the picture that I would want to share across our social media and website. You communicate the feel of the event, as oppose to merely documenting it. This is a key skill for an event photographer."

Corrina Milner, Community Engagement and Events Officer, West Bletchley Council


Angie DeWaard identifies principles that we adhere to as an event photographer:

  • Communication is key 
  • Get and understand the itinerary
  • Agree who and what to photograph 
  • Work the crowd - tastefully to get interesting images
  • Capture detail
  • Get feel of an event through attendee's eyes
  • Make it Artsy...but not too Artsy!
  • Blend natural and artificial light

Our approach 

We thrive in getting out and about and capturing images at different events.
An event brief is agreed and we deliver images that capture the people, activities, sights, colours and the emotions of the occasion.
Every type of event is covered , e.g. sporting occasions, social gatherings, life events, business meetings, conferences and occasions that require a documentary approach. 
Our LifeStory service includes photographing and videoing family gatherings and filming interviews. 
We give you the option to capture these using video, photography or both.
Location is not normally an issue.  As an event photographer the world is our studio.

Low light and fast action

Our Lumix GH5S 4k video camera is specially designed for low light filming.  Similarly, our Lumix G9 and Nikon cameras give fast frame shooting for action photography so we do not miss critical moments during a shoot.