Crail drone video

Drone video at Crail harbour

Today was a wet and windy September day at the East Neuk of Fife.  In between rain squalls, I took my Phantom 4 drone for a flight around Crail harbour. This is a beautiful fishing village,  famous for being picturesque and its position on the north bank of the river Forth.  As a new drone photographer, I wanted to capture the essence of this fishing village so I launched the drone. It was about 50 feet in the air when I attracted an audience of holidaymakers. They were keen to understand what I was doing. They were not alone, a flock of seagulls arrived to see what was going on.   The gulls were their usual inquisitive selves. They flew ever closer to the drone, repeatedly dive bombing it and threatening to knock it out of the sky and into the water.  Thankfully this did not happen. I landed the craft safely and downloaded the video and photographs from the drone for my website.

Crail link

“Crail is a historic fishing village in the pretty East Neuk of Fife.  Charming cobbled streets tumble down to the miniature harbour, which is sheltered by cliffs and surrounded by historic fishing cottages. Crail is a historic fishing village on the East Neuk of Fife coast and is well worth a visit.

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