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Drone photographs and video of Wastwater

Finally, two photographs of Wastwater I can be proud of

Drone photographs of Wastwater.

I have been photographing Wastwater, West Cumbria, for over 30 years. I always came away feeling disappointed. I have never caught the grandeur of the landscape or colours of the sky to do justice to this area, or to satisfy my vision.   A drone flight over the lake finally gave me the image I wanted.

The date was 4th December 2017 and the time 9.30.  The clouds were stormy and the colours in the sky were beautiful, hinting a rainy day.  Fortunately, there was still a glow reflecting off the clouds from the sunrise.  It not unusual for clouds to cover the mountaintops but the colours and the low lying clouds transformed the scene into the photograph shown below.

Wastwater, West Cumbria

The Screes

The steep slopes on the southern side of the lake, known as “Wastwater Screes” are notoriously difficult to capture in a photograph in a colourful or interesting way.  Again, I have tried over the years to do exactly that. My perseverance was rewarded here too as the image below testifies.

The Screes, Wastwater, West Cumbria

The best camera is the one you have with you

Both these images were photographed using the 1″ sensor in the DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone.  Although relatively small, the image quality that this camera produces is very good and gives plenty of resolution for large prints.  Given that these pictures were taken from around 200 feet in the air and in poor light, the end result is pleasing.


As well as still images, I captured video footage that is shown as a 60 second flight across the lake and The Screes.

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