Heron photographed using the Nikon  D850 – Huge crop and we still get good image quality

This image was taken today at the Blue Lagoon, Milton Keynes. It is a crop of a larger image taken by the new Nikon D850 paired with the Tamron 70-200mm G2 lens. Given that the crop fro the image below is only about 15% of the sensor, the image quality is astounding.  This is an example of our animal photography.


This is a good example of location photography.  The image below is another example that captures this bird beautifully. 40% crop.



Having this camera paired with a professional grade lens ensures a quality result.

Whatever circumstance you want photographed we can do the job.

This article by Usman Dawood discusses the merits of the Nikon D850 for wildlife photography.





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