Photography and video for church websites and Social Media. Show intimacy and relationship with God.

Creating images for your church website is an act of worship

Photographs and video we create for your church website is an act of worship.  We are sensitive to people's wishes and of the culture within your fellowship.  Our approach is to engage with leadership teams and key individuals in your congregation to communicate that we will be doing so that people are aware of what is happening.  You get processed images that you can select and use thereby safeguarding vulnerable people. Some fellowships are expressive during worship and it is not unusual to capture dance and flag waving. This can evoke movement and joy and as such, can create wonderfully powerful images.   It is during worship, before and after services, and in conversation when your images are created.  Our work is a privilege and we aim to show the power and practical outpouring of God's love in way that are very difficult to achieve without professional equipment.  

Website photography

Why have a church website

This article, by Tony Morgan gives 10 reasons why your church should have a website.  In summary:

  • A church website brings people to your church

  • A church website connects people

  • A church website organises church events

  • A church website answers questions about the church

  • A church website is the church’s testimony

  • A church website broadcasts your message globally

  • A church website saves you money on advertising

  • A church website stores your media

  • A church website increases your church’s income

  • A church website gives your church the relevance necessary to communicate today

Proactively communicate

Images used in your church website and social media must be high quality, relevant, timely, and evoke a response and emotion.  Our images and supporting text convey impressions and create perceptions about your fellowship. Our images are consistent with  the reality of your church life and are honest representations of what visitors can expect and experience.   You may want to include the the following activities and topics whilst planning content for your church website and social media.

  • Worship and services 
  • Outreach
  • Social activities
  • Diversity
  • Inclusiveness
  • Prayer
  • Seasonal initiatives
  • Culture
  • Empathy

Images are assets - not just for church websites

It is not unusual to shoot over 1,500 photographs and multiple video clips for a website.  Images are not just for church websites. They are assets to be used in social media and for traditional media such as newsletter and leaflets.   Their value and relevance does however decay over time. The mix of people, decorations and the messages to communicate changes and it necessary to keep your material fresh and contemporary. .  That is why it is important to have images and copy refreshed periodically.


Food for thought

The articles below explore strategic and operational issues to be addressed when investing in websites and social media.  Challenges that these tools help address are falling/increasing membership, income,  relevance and tailoring messages to specific groups of people. 

Three examples

  • St Mary's Bletchley
  • St Frideswide, Water Eaton
  • Stony Stratford Community Church

St Mary's Bletchley

We worked with the leadership team of this large church over a two month period to capture images for their new church website. This followed a series of projects where we produced videos and images to support outreach.


Our challenge was to capture the scope of worship, activities and services, the diversity of people, and what made the church special.   40+ hours was invested and the images were sorted and processed with selected images loaded onto the website. 

Hannah Licencing

This video captures the licencing of Hannah as a Lay Minister at Christ Church, Oxford.  The video captures the sights, sound, theatre, drama, joy and solemnity of the occasion.


This video combines photography with video clips and is one of a series to communicate the church's mission.


St Frideswide, Water Eaton

These photographs are of the congregation in Water Eaton, for their church website.  They images show diversity and engagement in worship. The Rev. Catherine Butt leads Communion.

Church website- front page

The photograph captures the welcoming and loving nature of this lovely group of people. 



Stony Stratford Community Church

These images were taken for similar reasons to St Mary's  and St Frideswide,  i.e. to communicate more effectively using their new website and social media using relevant, good quality and specific images of their church and people.   

  • Images to follow.