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Churches and charities risk losing out if they do not more fully adopt social media

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Although very different from commercial organisations, churches and charities share marketing and communication challenges with their commercial counterparts.  Each has different audiences with specific messages to communicate. Also, the environment for everybody is challenging. Income is under pressure and competition for the attention of the public and their money and time is fierce.  People are constantly being bombarded with information to engender loyalty,  or to buy another widget or service.  Should churches and charities respond in kind and get on the social media bandwagon?

Crowded out

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Social Media

The social media revolution is making it more difficult for churches and charities to get their message heard.  It is becoming more difficult to reach people and to communicate in a way that gets and keeps attention.  Social media aware organisations use sophisticated analytics to target specific services and messages to different groups of people.  Many charities compete very well, but what about local churches and small charities?  Their message and the services they provide may be lost if they do not have an up to date or engaging social media presence. People searching for information will probably not invest the time and effort to find out about what is on offer or they may take longer to walk through your door, if at all.

We believe that churches and small charities do need a modern web presence. A website or facebook site that is not up to date, attractive or relevant will be ignored. A minimum standard of web presence is required.  This is a dynamic situation because standards are constantly improving.  Content needs to be up to date and relevant.  Content needs to be managed and consistent with your mission and values.

Grow capability

A website and social media presence require planning, a budget and commitment.  A skills assessment may be necessary to understand what can be done in-house or outsourced, particularly around the creation and updating of your website.  Content creation is a key area to manage and resource because it is the oxygen that fuels your website and social media.  Having a dynamic web presence will shift the focus and funding from traditional communications.  Do not forget that these new tools create opportunities to reach the unreached that could not be imagined even 5 years ago.  It is our view that additional income can be generated to cover these costs.

Help is on hand

We recognise that expertise and funding for this is limited.  As committed Christians, we believe that this is an area where churches and small charities must focus on and embrace.  Social media is the defacto place where people go for information. This trend will intensify.  A reluctance to embrace these new technologies and methods will limit the impact that a church or small charity has on its community, its staff and members.
In view of the above, we offer our services below commercial rates to assist in website development and support, content creation and skill development.  We look at how you can generate income to cover costs, and how this capability can promote services provided.
What is your experience with social media and what impact has it had?


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