A successful website and social media strategy is founded on an understanding of the market and the position of your organisation, products, services, processes and people within it.    Invest too little and opportunity is lost. Invest too much and resources are not available for other initiatives.  To achieve this balance we look at your current interfaces with customers and what your competitors are doing, and your capabilities.   This gives vital information to build a business case and how your website and supporting team will be resourced, measured and managed.

business case
Our approach features:

  • Meeting with you to understand your business drivers and challenges in your market and web and social media environment
  • Market scan to assess competitor web and social media presence
  • Look at you current approach
  • Report back on the gap between your web and social media presence and the competition
  • Opportunity analysis - high level solution options that include implementation approaches and indicative costs
  • Business case with detailed costs, including a high level implementation plan and in-life management model

Once the business case has been approved, we can assist procure the solution.

  • Develop collateral
  • Identify potential suppliers
  • Manage procurement
  • Downselect
  • Assist decision making

Alternatively, we can proceed to the next stage of website build and implementation.

  • Our build and implementation approach is outlined here.
  • We create and refresh content as outlined here.

This article examines business justification for social media and digital marketing and is an informative read.

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