Church Green Bletchley

Church Green Bletchley

Church Green, Bletchley is 100 yards from home. It it is a quick walk to take our dogs to Church Green via St Mary's church yard and home. A bright sun and a dusting of snow gives an opportunity for photography so it is out with my camera to capture the scene. 

Slide show 


Church Green is shown below.  The first photograph shows the Mansion House in Bletchley Park with St Mary's church in the background.  Church Green sits to the front of St Mary's, slightly to the left as shown in the second photograph. 

Bletchley park with St Mary's to the left.

St Mary's facing Church Green.

St Mary's 

St Mary's Church. The foreground is in shadow. I used the gradient slider in Lightroom to lighten the shadows and to warm up the snow to balance the light between the foreground and background.   This images was taken by a DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone.

11 images were stitched together to make this photograph. Stitching was needed to create a perspective free image and to get the length and breadth of the building into one photograph.

Church Green

This is the oldest part of Bletchley. The ground in the green is uneven due to lost homes and buildings buried under the soil.  The gallery below contains images of Church Green.

Rectory Cottages

Rectory cottages is believed to be the oldest building in Bletchley.  They sit just off Church Green and the Cottages were built in 1475 - 1476.  The building is traditionally attributed to the family de Grey, who held the manor of Bletchley from about 1220 to 1610.  The cottages feature a fine mediaeval hammer-beamed hall - a type found at Westminster, Hampton Court, and Chester Cathedral.

Technical information

Lumix G9 is the camera used with a 24mm-70mm 35mm equivalent lens.  The photographs were processed in Lightroom.

A DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone took the Bletchley Park and elevated shot of St Mary's church.

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