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As creators of pet photography we, like you, are animal lovers.  We know that pets are part of your family.  Although we have had mainly dogs and cats, we are not limited to photographing them.   We are equally at home in the studio or in a field or specialised habitat. We understand that you want to show your pet off to family and friends.   Be relaxed with us.  Bring your pet's new outfit -  indeed, bring several!   Do you want to capture your dog performing a new trick?  No problem!  Our fast action cameras are made for this type of photography.

pet photography 

Show your pets in the best light

  • We use professional studio and light modifiers. They are manoeuvrable and can be adjusted to allow for all sizes of animal. The equipment is quiet and unobtrusive so your pet need not feel threatened.
  • We encourage you to pose and handle your pet during the shoot.  We will advise and handle with your permission - and of course that of your pet!
  • We will provide water and a treat as necessary!

Whatever you want to convey, we will work with you to create photographs and video footage that captures the life force and character of your pet.

Pet photography - Value and quality

We tailor our shoots to your needs and because of this we do not limit ourselves to a defined number of photographs or strict time slots.  You get superb photographs as a result, at a reasonable cost.  

Combine your pet photoshoot with event photography to capture action on video or action photography. Be excited, we are!

Our pets have always been a big part of our family.  We see them as friends.  We have had two cats, two Miniature Schnauzers,  West Highland Terriers and several Jack Russells. Every one has had its own personality and have been great fun and much loved.  We very much look forward to getting to know you and you pet(s).

Our pet photography is one of our photography and video services.

This article is a humorous look at tips for animal photography.

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