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Opportunity Pursuit


We assess opportunities and equip sales, service and marketing functions to deliver through people, process and technology.  This includes direct and indirect sales channels, internet platforms and content management, customer collateral, opportunity delivery, business cases, and implementation of CRM systems.

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Internet Services

website and social media
We work with you to design, build and support websites. We create tailored content to get the best outcome from your investment and help define your messaging strategy and its delivery. We advise on how best to organise, train and put in place workflow to be successful.

Photography and Video Services


Our Photography and Video Services provide timely and relevant content for internet platforms and sales and marketing collateral. Our portrait, wedding and event services are sought out by private clients.


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Our Added Value

Solution definition
Solution design & delivery
Content creation & refresh
Project management

Video gets the message across

Achieve your goals with tailored content

Value for money


Photography experience (Years)
Business Experience (Years)
79 years



Video to promote your brand, product and service

Awareness and call to action A picture is worth a thousand words right?  Yes, so how many words is video worth ? INCALCULABLE. In addition to creating collateral for sales and marketing projects, we fundraise for organisations and to streamline the process we produce and use video at each stage in the client engagement process.  […]

Marriage vows renewed

Marriage vows renewed It is such a pleasure to have been invited by Charlie and Lisa to create professional photographs to celebrate their wedding anniversary and marriage vows renewal this summer.  The sun was shining on them that day and we were able to take beautiful photographs inside the church and outside, the latter using […]

Photography or Video?

Photography or video for your wedding? Deciding on what you want to record your wedding day can be a challenge and expensive.  This article outlines several options and the advantages and disadvantages of each and may help you decide on what is best for you and your budget. Whatever you decide, we have photography, video […]

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What Our Clients Say

“Fantastic work David. The video you made makes my job so much easier.  I do not need to write a report and file paperwork.”

Richard Lyons, Estates Manager, SMB.

Websites and social media
Drone video
“I am so impressed with the range and quality of photographs you captured at the Remembrance Ceremony. I can only imagine that you had several lenses and specialist cameras to get the intimacy that you photographed”
David McDougall, Rector, SMB.

” I had an amazing time throughout the photo shoot, I’m so happy with the results.   I recommend ALP 100%”.

Nelsa Miranda

Fashion Photoshoot

“A chance encounter with David led to a genuinely inspirational video. Thank you so much.”

Russell Fancourt, Chair, MK Canoe Club

Event photographer
Drone video
“Thank you for taking such a wonderful selection of images for our church’s website!”
Rev Catherine Butt, St Frideswides Church.
Website content

“Thank you David for photographing our family! The pictures are wonderful.  It can be almost impossible to get all of our children together and smiling. Thank you for achieving this!”

“I totally recommend ALP!”


Family Photoshoot

“The photographs are fabulous, tears of joy and happiness. You have captured the day fantastically. They are more than I could have imagined.

Thank you.”

Jane and Michael.

Wedding photography and video

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